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Duramax 01016 – Vinyl Garage 10.5' x 15.5' includes Foundation

Duramax 01016 - 10x15 Vinyl Garage

WoodBridge Vinyl Garage In choosing a garage, whether to park a tractor, or for storage the most important things to look for are strength, durability and low maintenance. WoodBridge Vinyl Garages offer-by-far the best combination of these features. They will not rust, dent, rot, mildew, or fade and they never need painting. They are reinforce with metal inserted columns for even greater rigidity and strength. This WoodBridge vinyl garage can handle up to 20 lbs per square foot of snow and comes with 88" double doors that are wide enough to drive a common tractors. Their attractive design and neutral ivory color go well anywhere. All WoodBridge vinyl garages come with a free foundation kit.

  • Dimensions: 126.6" W x 187.52" D x 85.4" H

  • Roof Peak Height: 85.4" H

  • Recommended Slab Size: 1 ft Larger Than Shed Dimensions

  • Snow Load: 20 Pounds Per Sq. Ft.

  • Foundation Kit Included with Garage.
  • All-Weather Durable and Fire Retardant Vinyl
  • Wind Tested up to 115 MPH
  • Neutral Ivory Color
  • Metal Reinforced Walls
  • All Parts Are Precut, Drilled and Numbered
  • 10-Year Limited Warranty

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Duramate 01016
10' x 15' Storage Shed

  • Will Not Rust, Corrode, or Dent Like Metal Garages
  • Will Not Fade, Rot, or Mildew Like Typical Painted Wood Sheds
  • Reinforced with Metal Inserted Columns for Even Greater Rigidity and Strength
  • Extra Wide Double Doors 88” Fits All Common Lawn mower Tractors
  • Metal Reinforced Roof Support Truss System Holds Up to 20 lbs/sqft of Snow
  • One Side Door 30" x 71", 2 Shatter Proof Window Panel, 1 Skylight and a Foundation Kit Included Free
  • Shelves can be Attached to Columns (Optional)
  • StrongLasting™ Vinyl is Fire Retardant
  • Backed by a 10 Year Limited Warranty

Duramate 01016
Includes each item listed above.

Availability: DISCONTINUED

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